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Our Products

We are best known for our Down jackets, Poly Fill jackets, Fake Down Jackets, Seam-Sealed water proof jackets, Cotton Jackets, Leather Jackets, and Parka Jackets. We have experience manufacturing a variety of technical jackets, including Sail Secure, RECCO Advanced Rescue, Seam-sealed waterproof, Storm breaker, and many others. Outdoor wear, leisure wear, extreme climate wear, tech jackets, windcheaters, and pre-winter wear are just a few of the applications for our jackets. Our jackets are admired in many countries around the world due to their unmatched quality and design. Our dedicated quilting machines create a variety of quilting patterns in jackets. We are well-known for our polyester jackets made from recycled pet bottles. Our current annual production capacity is approximately 1 million jackets.

Quilted jackets

These Jackets are made of a special fabric, which has woven-quilt channels in place of stitched channels to provide the garment with special properties to hold the warmth, as there are no seams for quilting.
A highly technological extruded polyester fibre or down has been injected into these woven quilted channels to give the user warmth and comfort through improvised insulation. This beautiful innovation is well ventilated, lighter, breathable and more durable than ever.

Fused jackets

Fusing process is one kinds of alternative method of fabric joining which is vastly used to attach the interlining. At present, apparel manufacturing cannot be imagined without fusing process.
Resin coating of interlining melted by heating into the fabric under pressure and when it becomes cool and hard; both fabric and interlining are attached strongly. Fusing process is much quicker and more cost effective.

Down jackets

The unique lightweight feature of these outerwear jackets is unparalleled when it comes to keeping warm even in the chilliest of climes. Duck down jacket is insulated with smallest and finest fibres from duck & goose to keep the wearer warm in extreme cold temperature.
As, we firmly believe in protecting the nature and not hurting the animals, Our down comes with Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification.

ResQ Jackets

The ResQ system is split into two parts. The first is a reflector integrated into all clothing, boots, helmets and so on. The ResQ reflectors, worn by skiers, riders and other outdoors people sends back a directional signal that directs and rescuer straight to the reflector

Fake/Synthetic Down Jackets

Synthetic insulation is designed to replicate the qualities of down but retain them even when wet. Made with polyester fibre's arranged in different sized filaments and intertwined, mimicking down’s lofty clusters. These ultrafine fibre's trap warmth in air pockets, providing great warmth. Synthetic insulation is that it is much more resistant to moisture, and when it does get wet it dries faster.

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